Dr Zero and the Hot Heads are proud to release this EP with a twist!

So here is Dr Zero and the Hot Heads playing some good old R&B songs from some of the artists we love, plus two fabulous songs written by our very own guitarist Mick King.

Having recorded 6 tracks at Basildon Studios in Essex, we gained a further two tracks from a hand-held device placed close to the bar at The Railway Hotel in Southend. How could we not share these with you?

One is our very own written tribute to the late, great Ian Dury (Oi Oi). This is followed by a firm favourite of our friends and followers, totally capturing the atmosphere and the mistakes of live performance, and it's from a comment in this recording we take the title for this album. We hope you enjoy!

The CD costs just £5. Simply E-MAIL us to find out how to order.